“It’s amazing to me how little some have and amazing even more that the people that have, don’t do.”

-Christian Isakson

My friend Christian Isakson was the very first guest that I ever had on this show, back on Ep. 8 in early 2016. Only a few weeks before that first conversation Christian had crashed on his bike at Ultraman Hawaii, which practically destroyed his body, breaking bones and puncturing a lung. Now three years later, after a long and arduous recovery journey, Christian has returned to Ultraman, racing Ultraman Florida in February and placing 3rd. I realized after he completed the race that it was about time that I should catch up with Christian. In today’s conversation, we delve not into a recap of the race per se but more into an exploration of the mindset behind Christian Isakson. We explore who he is and what drives him to push his body to its limits and beyond. The importance of finding a deeper meaning for racing beyond a T-shirt or medal is vital and Christian is a firm believer in this idea. Today’s episode is a wide-ranging discussion on everything from how he prepared for and executed Ultraman Florida, to the role that his Christian faith plays in his life, to racing for something more than yourself, and to how to endure.


Jarod Contreras

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