“Learn about how to look at the quality of the instrument itself with which [you] learn things.”

-Robert Thurman

Robert Thurman is a renowned Buddhist scholar and the father of actress Uma Thurman. He is the founder of Tibet House US, which is a non-profit dedicated to helping preserve Tibetan culture in exile and to be active against China’s control of Tibet, and founder of Menla Mountain Retreat, which is a healing arts center grounded mainly in the Tibetan healing tradition. Thurman’s extensive knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, coupled with his deep study of various other philosophies and traditions, allows him to speak eloquently and intelligently on a wide variety of topics. He is able to take the state of our world and frame it in a Buddhist perspective. That way the listener can better understand how damaged our world currently is and how we can improve it through the lessons that can be learned from Buddhism. He uses logic and reason to expose the flaws in many different aspects of our society, from politics, consumerism, and capitalism to science, philosophy, and understanding knowledge, so that we can better go about healing our society. Today’s conversation is a wonderfully wide-ranging discussion that uses Buddhism as the lens to view what is wrong and what is right with the world that we live in today.


Jarod Contreras

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