“The race doesn’t matter, the experience does and we shouldn’t be creating situations where there’s exclusivity, we should instead be creating experiences where there’s inclusivity.”

-”Sherpa” John Lacroix

John Lacroix, known in the ultrarunning world by his nickname “Sherpa John,” is the founder of the Human Potential Race Series, the largest race series in Colorado and the fifth largest in the nation. This series focuses on providing an “old school” atmosphere to their events and incorporating a strong sense of community into the experience. Preferential treatment is not given to front runners at the event, every finisher is given the same award, there is no prize money, and times are recorded by pen and paper. John’s unique approach to his races extends to the approach that he takes to the ultrarunning world at large. He is unafraid to speak his mind openly and honestly, always making sure to support his opinions with evidence. This propensity towards brutal honesty has led John to rub some people the wrong way and for him to become a polarizing figure within the sport. John’s experience in the sport, having run or race directed ultramarathons for the past 15 years, leads him to speak wisely on all things ultrarunning, which is exactly what he does in today’s wide ranging discussion.


Jarod Contreras


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