“The bicycle gear, and the wheel, and everything it just increases your own power and makes you a superhero!”

-Ultra Romance

Ultra Romance is known by many names, Ronnie, Benedict, Poppi, etc., and this Instagram sensation, if that is even the right word, has captured the fascination of thousands through his depiction of the bicycle as lifestyle. A few years ago he captured my fascination and I have been following his human-powered, bikepacking adventures ever since. The ultra-endurance cyclist spends most of his time traveling the country, riding far. Today Ronnie, as he asked me to call him, and I sit down to pull back the curtain on the character, the myth, the persona that he presents on Instagram and delve into the philosophy he has built through all of the time that he has spent in the saddle, living simply. Consider this episode as part one of my discussion with Ronnie, as I have much more that I want to explore and discuss with this fascinating man.


Jarod Contreras

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