Years of running, cycling, and adventuring has taught us much. We've learned that recovery is the cornerstone of all sports. Here at Target Release we have tried it all: the tennis balls, foam rollers, massage sticks, & on and on. They work, but they don't target a specific area of a muscle so that we could methodically massage each aspect of the muscle. So we set out to design something that did just that: provide a targeted approach to massage tools. These handmade, sturdy, wooden tools are the result. They dig in between muscle fibers to loosen muscles effectively using the wall, floor, or even your own hand for maximum pressure and recovery. Sport is pain and enlightenment, so use these tools to get out there again and again!

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Our Story

There is nothing quite like the feeling of ascending a mountain, on foot, with minimal gear, and with the pure love of being amongst the rocks and trees to fuel you. That is how I felt as my dad and I ascended Duck Pass in Mammoth Lakes, California one sunny summer day in August 2016. We chatted cheerfully about everything and nothing, as we do when adventuring in the mountains. Our trailruns together are our time to connect, not only as father and son, but also as two people who deeply love and appreciate the transformative power of suffering on trails.

However, that transformative power can lead to discomfort off the trail, as well. As such, injury and recovery are two common topics that my dad and I discuss. In fact, it just so happens that is exactly what we discussing on the trail up to Duck Pass that day. A couple weeks before that trip to Mammoth my dad showed me something he designed, something new. A recovery tool that allowed the user to dig deep into a highly specific area of a muscle, something my dad needed to assuage a recurring pain deep in his hip. As they say: necessity is the mother of invention.

At the time when my dad showed me his newly designed tool, made from materials he had found around our house, my mother joked that I could sell the tools. That joke set me down the path that would eventually transform into what Target Release is today. But, before all that would come later my dad and I were simply climbing a mountain. As we chatted, trying to come up with a name for the new company, my dad, after a silence between us, threw out the name Target Release and we both new immediately that was what we were going to run with.

Before and after that trip to Mammoth, where we talked much about what would become Target Release, my dad and I refined the tools. We eventually settled on two variants of the Target Release tools: the Basecamp and the Peak. These two variants are what we sell today and they are what provide countless people with a simple, effective, and targeted daily personal massage. These tools were born in the mountains and are formed in the mountains. Handmade by me they allow for any athlete to get out there everyday and we guarantee that they are indeed "Recovery done right."


Jarod Contreras

Father and son Gabriel Contreras (left), designer, and Jarod Contreras (right), founder, fresh off a run on their home trails.

Father and son Gabriel Contreras (left), designer, and Jarod Contreras (right), founder, fresh off a run on their home trails.



"the Target Release sticks...are deceptively simple in appearance compared to how effective they are at breaking up knots and spasms."

-Ultrarunning Magazine review

"Nice work! I like the simplicity of the design and different sizes to target various areas."

-Joe Grant, ultrarunner

"Dig em! Literally."

-Rip Esselstyn, The Engine 2 Diet Founder

"They're them for digging into the hamstring."

-Nickademus Hollon, ultrarunner

"Dig in and breathe."

-Jeff Browning, ultrarunner