Target Release: Peak


Target Release: Peak

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From the peak to the coffee shop to the living room the portable Target Release Recovery tool will follow you to all those places and more! As endurance athletes and as an ultrarunner myself we spend long hours pushing hard. These hours break us down, but we love it. If we can recover right then we can go out and do it again and again.

With this tool you can and will recover right. Break down the scar tissue that is plaguing your muscles and loosen them too. Get that spring back in your step, that power back in your body, and that fun back in your life!


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So what is this thing? It's unusual sure and it doesn't look like all the other recovery tools that you see out there. But, that's the point! My dad and I have tried it all and they just don't work the way we want. So my dad set out to design something that works. This is the result and after a while of using it almost nonstop it's not a huge jump to say that this tool is the most definitely the best we've ever tried and I hope will be the best for you too.

One thing that we learn as athletes, especially as endurance athletes, is the fact that pain becomes a friend. We get intimately familiar with it. But, the minute that we step off of that trail or bike we can feel that pain in our body again. It usually doesn't go away. Well, it doesn't go away if you don't recover right. This is what this tool is designed to help you do. 

You have to get creative with the way you use it, but to get you started there are some helpful massages that you can do listed below.


As runners the calves can become extremely tight. Running from behind your knee to your foot the calve muscles need to be massage cautiously. And never massage directly on your Achilles tendon, an extremely sensitive area.



The little guy that plagues us all, as runners we can all point to our hip soreness. All around the upper leg it can hurt. So massage with careful pressure against on the go. At the office place the Peak under your glutes/hamstrings on your chair to massage.


Foot Top/Bottom:

With over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments your foot, and the prolonged use it undergoes, is prone to injury. With proper form (to learn go to and very careful massaging you can assuage that. Stay away from sensitive areas like the Achilles tendon.



Located on the outside of your leg. Running from your groin to your knee, responsible for moving your hip and leg away from the midline of your body. Your quadriceps can become tight due to gluteus muscle weaknesses or prolonged use. Massage carefully, but with pressure.



Located on the inside of your leg. Running from your groin to your knee, responsible for moving your hip and leg toward the midline of your body. The adductor can become tight due to gluteus muscle weaknesses or prolonged use. Massage carefully.



An area that commonly holds stress, the neck is where a conjuncture of muscles from the back can become tight and inflamed. Also where your cervical vertebrae can become injured. Massage carefully, watching sensitive areas.