I will be launching a podcast soon! I'm inspired everyday by the podcasts that I listen to and I have realized that since it means so much to me it is something that I would want to do myself.

So the Touching the Trail Podcast will be, just like this website, an accumulation of what I have learned and what I will learn to help you better yourself. It will assist you in the challenging endeavor of becoming the best person that you can be. I myself will discuss topics important to me and be the host of the show. The podcast will also feature my ultrarunning adventures and the ultrarunners themselves, vegan influencers and athletes, and an amalgam of people working hard to break the status quo of fat and complacency. People who live and breath outside of the box to better themselves and be the best that they can be. 

My hope is that while listening to these paradigm breakers and amazing people you yourself will be inspired, will be pushed a little more in a better direction. My hope is for YOU to become the best that you can be.

The podcast will launch Tuesday, November 10!



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