Rest is vital. It's wholesome, rewarding, and not a bad thing. As a trailrunner I sometimes find myself in slumps, I'm in one right now in fact. A slump is a time where you don't feel like performing, you don't feel like going out and motivating yourself to push hard. They come every now and then and the only solution that I've found is to accept it. They're usually caused by a long season of hard work, so take this as a good thing and rest. Recover from the time and work that you've put in. Get back to your prime. 

I am taking this opportunity these few weeks to get back to my prime. To better myself. I'm meditating, working out, doing yoga, eating well, and of course still running, but light. 

So just remember to take a day or two every now and again. Don't feel guilty, but be smart and don't do nothing on a rest day. Do functional exercises and work on your body and mind. Thank you.  

Be better.  



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