For many, the idea of doing lots and lots of miles in a day on a trail as beautiful as the John Muir Trail is sacrilegious. But honestly covering more miles is much more satisfying and the ability to see all of the beautiful sites faster is also a very unique experience. Many people have said to me that by fastpacking and moving fast through the wilderness I am not truly enjoying the experience and that I'm moving to quickly to be in the moment. However, I disagree. Doing it this way allows you to experience in a very different way and in a better way. You can push yourself to go harder and you get to know in yourself, each day that you accomplished a hard, tough day and you still had a great time. You're more in the present too, than others, because through pain you find yourself. But anyways on to my daily mileage of the JMT. To me it's simple, I plan on doing 25-30 miles per day.



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