Luna states that the Gordos are their, "recommended ultra trail running adventure sandals." And so they are. They are monsters, at 15mm thick but only 6.4 ounces they pack a punch.

As always for me Luna continues to deliver. I absolutely love the Oso and the Leadville pairs and this new sandal combines some of my favorite features of both. The Gordos bring protective cushioning to the table, much like the Osos. However the Osos are very dense and these are much more moldable and comfy. This cushion is awesome. It is still responsive to the terrain, like any thinner sandal, but I have found that because of its thickness you have to make sure you lift your legs. If you don't you'll find you'll catch your toes on rocks more than usual. But, that's a small complaint. Everything else about the shoe is great. The tread is the same tread as the Leadvilles and it is just as perfect for all around terrain. 


  • moldable
  • cushiony
  • protective
  • tread's great
  • protects from rocks


  • you can catch a toe because of its thickness, but just lift your legs and watch your form



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