I have just started my taper for my upcoming John Muir Trail fastpacking trip and quite honestly it's been great. A taper is a time for relaxation. It's a break from all of the hard work you have put in leading up to this race or this adventure. I usually take a 1-2 week taper. For me that is just the right amount of time to not lose any of the fitness I have built and be fresh for my race or adventure. During a taper I keep things the way I have already practiced them. I don't like to jump into something new like a new cross training exercise or new diet. I enjoy eating as good whole food as I can. Also I love yoga! Yoga works your flexibility, strength, focus, and is great for recovery or training. Meditation is also a big factor in my taper. It prepares my mind, soul, and body to focus on what I'm about to do. It's also a time to get stuff done. A time to check those last few things you need to do off your list. And finally a taper is a time to completely relax. TV, the internet, movies, whatever just do it. You deserve it! Personally this week I'm binging on the new season of Downton Abbey. A taper's pretty great. :)



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