Peaceful patio.  

Peaceful patio.  

I started yoga before I even started to run. During that time I wanted to get healthy. Already vegan I decided that I needed to do something physical. I needed to build muscle and lose some weight. It benefited me during that time, for sure. But, when I began to run I had almost forgotten about yoga. I built my base and became a pretty competent trail runner. Sore and most definitely not at all flexible I soon found yoga again. 

I find it to be AMAZING! I love doing yoga after a hard trail run and being able to stretch out and recover. It's a double-threat, because it builds strength and it's stretching. 

Yoga has helped both my father and I to stay strong as runners and as people. We can feel horrible and destroyed after a run and yoga takes it all away. It's hard for sure, but it's incredible. 

So go do some yoga and of course meditate and be more mindful. 

Be better.


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