Following along with my Luna Sandals reviews, the Leadvilles. The classic and the simplest! These were my very first pair of sandals and even before I started running my dad gave me a pair of these to walk around and hang out in when I didn't have to wear shoes (like at school). That was when I first started middle school and I am now in 11th grade so it's easy to say that I have gone through my fair share of this model. Cleaning out my closest recently I found three pairs. So yes I absolutely love these sandals and weighing in at only 5.6 oz (Single, Men's Size 9) they are perfect for the city and the trail. 


Vibram's neoprene rubber 10mm (11 w/ MGT) uber thin, but durable sole is perfect for this rugged sandal. With the almost V shaped aggressive tread that grips almost anything. I personally prefer the Osos with an even more aggressive tread for rougher terrain. The Leadvilles however provide ample traction for most trails and function even better in mud, because the Osos with the more aggressive tread holds onto the mud and the Leadvilles do not as much. 


Featuring the MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) this secures my foot to the sandal for the whole run. The MGT also happens to secure in mud to and with just a little upkeep, by cleaning your sandals, that won't be a problem. 


As I talked about in last weeks Origen review these sandals also have the amazing Performance Laces that lock in my feet. With these laces, as with most, you really have to make sure you have a good fit and keep it tight. So before and after every run I adjust the laces to achieve optimal fit. Around your foot there are some friction points on the long runs. For example, where the laces come up between your toes, where they connect to the sole on the inside of your foot, and on the ankle strap occasionally. With just a little tape or Body Glide this problem disappears. The last thing I have noticed with the Performance Laces is that the two points on either side of the foot where the laces touch the ground, over extended use, fray. Eventually, needing replacement but this is obvious and is a big reason why I have gone through so many pairs. 

But, overall this is a wonderful piece of equipment I use almost everyday. From the coffee shops to the mountains I love my Leadvilles! 


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