A staple of my diet for a long time now, this smoothie (and the many variations of it) has helped me recover and fuel for many an adventure. Recently however I haven't been making it l, simply because I have forgotten about it. But, after making the first one in awhile just today I want to reintroduce this wonderful fuel into my routine. The simplicity and ease that goes into making this drink contributes to its effectiveness in my daily life. After a run I can easily and quickly make one to recover and the same goes for before the run. Stuffed to the gills with nutrients essential to proper health I hope you to can incorporate this into your day.  

 Makes two servings. 


3 medium-large kale leaves (destemmed) 

1 medium-large carrot  

2 dates (depending on what you put sometimes it's already sweet enough) 

1/4 inch ginger (or more to taste)

1 tbsp peanut butter (or almond butter) 

1 frozen banana (makes it cold instead of ice)

1 tbsp Chia seeds

1 cup Soy milk (or any kind of nut milk) 

1 cup water  




1.) Fit all ingredients into blender. I personally use the Vitamix. It's awesome and the best blender that I've found. With all of its power it makes my smoothie in no time at all. 

2.) The beauty of this is that it's so customizable. Any ingredients you want, you can have. I'll sometimes add avocado or hemp hearts or spinach or anything else really. So get creative and express your health through the goodness of this Green Smoothie!!! 

Some ideas for additions/substitutions:

  • beet
  • avocado
  • hemp hearts
  • spinach
  • turmeric root
  • any fruits
  • frozen blueberries
  • flax seeds
  • probiotic
  • etc.  

Be better.  



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