As they say on their website, "the original performance toesocks," Injinji are the original and I would venture to say the best. I have been wearing Injinjis for years now and I have always loved them. Since I am still in high school, when I had PE last year taking off my shoes got plenty of weird looks. "That kid with the socks with toes, weird." But to me it was just funny because they didn't know what they were missing! The support, strength, and durability these socks provide have featured everywhere in my life. From everyday use at school, to using the lightweight run versions on my runs, to using the heavier mid weights on the John Muir Trail. 

The Sock Itself: 

Injinji has many, many different models and colors to choose from and I am not really talking about any specific one. They have knee high compression, trail, 



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