I try my hardest to live simply and peacefully. But, one of the few things that annoys me and causes me to question others is the fact that most people of our society don't stay present. When I'm at school everyone around me is focusing on what their grade might be at the end of the semester, in four months. Or on the test later that day, but they didn't study. Around town I hear people talk about how they can't wait for the weekend or they can't wait to do this or that. It is that phrase, "can't wait" that I think encapsulates our society's affliction. It creates a predisposition towards impatience.  


The Importance of Presence:

Why do people rush? Why do they have a tendency towards unnecessary haste? People say life is short. But it's not! When I hear people say, "Oh man that summer went by so fast!" I tell them stop and think about each thing they did. If you think about life like that it is most definitely not short, because we do a lot. Staying in the moment is so vital for our health, peace, and state of being. It creates a happiness and peacefulness that seems so rare in our world. You focus on the here and now to enjoy life.  

How to do it: 

Being present creates an abundance of good, but it is hard to master, to even put into practice. 

1.) Focus. Focus on what you are doing, on how you are feeling, on who is around you, on who you are.  

2.) Remember what you have done and how much of it. Like I said before the year doesn't go by fast, you just don't remember. But, what goes hand in hand with that is you need to fill that year, your life with meaningful and redeeming things. To better yourself and become who you want to be must be a major focus of your life to fully comprehend the concept of presence.  

3.) Breath. This is so simple and effective. It is applicable and executionable anywhere, at anytime. Just breathe. Focus on the in breath, the feeling of the air through you nostrils, the rising of your chest. Then on the out on the lowering of your chest and the rush of air through your nose. Do this a few times and you mind will be much clearer. This exercise is the basis of meditation, which is a topic for a whole other article, but something that I highly recommend to everybody. 

Things to Think About: 

What are you doing for yourself if your constantly rushing and thinking of the next thing? How is that fulfilling? Why do you believe that excessive planning and stressing is so much more important than being in the moment? I'll tell you why. It is because our society, our surroundings tell us that is what you should be doing. But, forget that! Break paradigms, become who you truly want to be, be better, love truthfully, and remember that you can remember the past, plan for the future, but always stay in the present. 


Be Better.



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