Now I know that this title may seem a little like click bait, but I think it's the best way to title this piece.

Ever since about 3rd grade I have been in Boy Scouts. It's an incredible organization in my opinion and one that gives countless opportunities to countless boys. Being in Scouts has most definitely shaped me and made me into the person I am today. The adventure, discipline, comradery, and infinite amount of skills that have been shown to me through Scouts I will remember forever. 

On last week's podcast episode I do in fact spend a lot of time talking about my experience in Scouts, seeing as how two weeks ago I became an Eagle Scout which is the highest rank in Scouts. This rank is extremely honorable and very difficult to get. You must pass a lot of requirements to reach the rank and I did it! Not many Scouts become Eagles and so I am extremely proud to call myself one among those who have. 

Those lessons of commitment and connection to the outdoors that I have been given throughout Scouts did play a large part in my conversion to veganism. Boy Scouts helped me become vegan and a vegan lifestyle helped me be a better and more committed Scout.  

This love of good health brought me to these 10 foods. This post is not to be read and subsequently discarded. I think these foods are extremely important and should be included in anyone's eating lifestyle. They are the foods that can make up almost any meal or snack and I LOVE them. 

So here goes...  (not in any particular order)

1.) Chia Seeds

Packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. These little guys can be thrown into smoothies, onto salads, and pretty much into or onto anything else! 

2.) Avocado

They're the healthy fats! And filled with Vitamin E, fiber and much more make smoothies out of these, throw them on some bread, have it with chips, have them for any type of meal really! 

3.) Banana

Filled with body healthy antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium the banana is extremely popular and makes for a perfect breakfast item to pair with the Peanut/Almond Butter.  

4.) Peanut/Almond Butter

An excellent source of protein they can be made into a snack or meal. Pairs especially well with a banana and blueberries.  

5.) Blueberries

The classic superfood, blueberries provide a perfect source of almost everything. Specifically dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and manganese throw these little guys into a smoothie, top breakfast with them, or palm a few before a workout.  

6.) Kale

Packed with almost every nutrient especially protein kale is a healer. To feel that health throw it in a smoothie, sauté it and have it with your dinner, get creative! 

7.) Pinto/Peruvian Beans or Black Beans

Excellent sources of protein and energy, beans are good to make a big pot of to have for your week. Any dinner or lunch (even breakfast if your creative) will benefit from a base of beans.  

8.) Brown Rice or Quinoa

Both all around nutritious additions to a good meal add it to the beans and some tofu! 

9.) Tofu

A good source of protein and calcium make a meal with the beans, rice, and this. Easy and tasty everyday if you flavor it right.  

10.) Lentils

So amazing to me they deserve their own post, but anyways they have protein and fiber and many other nutrients. Make soups and curries out of these that will fuel you your whole week.  

11.) Brussels Sprouts & Asparugus

Probably two of my favorite veggies they're excellent sources of many vitamins and fiber. Roast these up with some salt and pepper and light olive oil to make a delicious side to any meal!

And THOSE are the staples of a solid Plant-Based Lifestyle. They will power you far and if you're creative and make combinations of them you will make some delicious and nutritious snacks and meals. So get out there, buy some of these foods, and find your health! 




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