Today I think would be a good day to outline my daily routine, for posterity and for benefit. As we are now in spring and I am preparing for future adventures and to set up an effective base to enjoy the year (& summer) to come, I am refining and executing my routine to give me optimal feedback and fulfillment.

It is vital to establish a day in, day out system of movement, recovery, upkeep, productivity, learning, fueling, and everything else essential to a fulfilling life. It is constantly a changing, evolving process just like the nature I spend so much time in. I don't profess to be perfect I just try my hardest to better myself everyday. So let's all work on a little routine, because here's what I'm working on. 

I don't have a first period so I go into school late. 

6- Wake up.

6-6:15- Get ready.

6:15-8:45- Run.

8:45-9:40- Get ready. Breakfast, gluten free toast with almond butter and bananas and a side of fruit.  

9:40-3:08- School. Lunch, leftovers from dinner.  

3:08-3:35- Relax and have a snack, usually peanut butter and banana.  

3:35-4:45- Homework.

4:45-5:15- Help with dinner.

5:15- 5:45- Have dinner. Can be anything from beans and rice to veggie burgers.  

5:45-6:00- Clean up. 

6:00-6:30- Yoga and meditate.  

6:30-7:30- Write.  

7:30-8:45- Read.  

8:45-9:00- Get ready for bed.  

9:00- Go to bed.  

Obviously with doctor's appointments, more or less homework, and so many other unpredictable factors that shift this schedule greatly I have to be flexible. But the only way you can start to be flexible is by having at least a little something to outline what your day should look like. I change this schedule up all the time, almost everyday, but just resting in the fact that I have it to fall back on in times of stress or discomfort is enough to allow me enjoyment each day. 

With a solid schedule and a daily routine, but with an open mindedness to update it you will have a successful, productive day. This schedule is only mine, you need to determine your personal one. You need to analyze your day and see what needs to be done and make something rough. Write it down and stick to it. It all depends on you, but if you stay present and try to better yourself everyday you will grow. So enjoy, push hard, and always work to strive for better. 


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