Two things that are significant factors in my life are the fact that I am vegan and that I trail run. As you know if you listen to the podcast or read this blog they have changed my life and specifically I have been vegan for almost 3 years and I have been running for almost a year and a half. Through the adventures and exploits that I have had in running it is vital that I fuel myself efficiently. So my day is filled with hard training, optimal body upkeep (yoga, rolling, meditation, and functional exercises) and eating clean and whole meals. To some these regimens may seem fanatical or obsessive, but to me it is simply life. 

In terms of being vegan I hate the word diet. A diet by definition is short term, it is advertised to bring about immediate change and then once you reach your 'goal' you're free to stop the diet and fall right back into the bad habits you had before. It creates a predisposition to a 'quick-fix' where people want to be over and done with whatever their goals are so they can never really make long lasting, significant change. Once you finish your 5-Day Cleanse or No Bread for a Week diet to loose those pounds, you quickly jump right back into the bread and sugar and salt and fat. The real change doesn't come from 5 days or even a month of dieting, but from committed perseverance and dedication. 

That is why I say it is about the lifestyle. Because, I do not want to live my life where I only make positive change for a month. Being vegan isn't a diet for me, it is the lifestyle. It benefits and enlightens me everyday in a way that a short term diet cannot. I am refined through that dedication and commitment to bring those desired results to fruition. 

Not only does being vegan take dedication but so does ultrarunning. It is the day in day put consistency of pain that I love. Everyday when I get up in the morning I can make a choice. It's a binary choice, a 1 or a 0, to go or to not go. If I choose the latter for the rest of the day I am unmotivated and I simply do not feel complete. I feel unfulfilled and most of the time feel more tired than if I had gone running. If I do choose to go I feel infinitely better and have completed a fulfilling, beneficial aspect of my day that efficiently sets me up on a pedestal to successfully execute the rest of my day. 

And that is what it's about. The everyday simplicity of eating right and running hard. It is not a diet, it isn't crazy, I'm not superhuman, I am not anything different than anyone else. I love the day to day in the present not worrying about an immediate change or a vain goal. I live to love what I do and I do love it. The simplicity to better myself. 

Thank you.  

Be better.  



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