For many a conventional breakfast is eggs, bacon, and some bread like pancakes or biscuits. Before I was vegan a conventional breakfast for me was cereal or toast. One correlation between all of these breakfasts is bread. Bread, the demon that most people who want to lose weight love and wish they could hate, is what is common.

I know that for a very long time, once I turned vegan and even when I started running, I still loved bread. Since I was running far on trails I definitely wanted to shave off as much weight as I could and I did, over time, working on it consistently. But eating bread is a major factor looking back that I should have eliminated or at the very least largely lessened to become even more efficient. The bread I used to eat was a large piece of sourdough bread. But recently, in the past few months, I cut that away and now eat Udi's gluten free bread that is a very small piece at only a 100 calories. After doing this I have noticed so many benefits. I feel and am lighter, cleaner, more energized, and oddly enough have noticed a decrease in body odor. 

Disadvantages of Bread and Gluten:

-the more bread you eat, the more you get addicted.

-gluten can cause a leaky gut; leading to nutrient deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and reduced energy because of the fact that your stomach and intestines become less efficient at digesting foods and absorbing nutrients. 

-gluten can cause inflammation.

-gluten can cause cancer and heart disease. 

-bread's carbohydrates enter the blood stream as glucose, spiking blood sugar levels and then rapidly coming back down leading to hunger again and weight gain.  

-bread weighs us down.  

-conventional bread's additives and chemicals make it doubly worse for yourself.  

What you can do: 

-cut down on bread.

-look for whole grain, gluten-free bread.

-be conscientious.

-enjoy in appropriate, honest proportions.

-eventually cut it out altogether in the mornings or wherever to work toward a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.  



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