I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is training for a half-marathon up in Yosemite next October. She is not a runner and is working on getting into this new field, but she has stayed with it since the beginning of this year and I hope that she stays with it until her race. She was telling me that she is running 40 minutes a day and some days, after working late into the night the day before, wakes up and does not want to go and so she doesn't. My friend told me that and then said that I probably don't even care, because I am running way crazy more.

But, that's not true. I care immensely about what everyone around me is doing, because it connects me to them and breeds a conversation. I enjoy talking to them and teaching them and learning from them. Obviously with a blog and a podcast my job is to inspire and teach, but by listening I learn also.

I'm committed to what I do, but to call it obsessed seems excessive.  I think my friend views me as some kind of machine, that when I get up in the morning I just go and get it done no matter what. Which is true, I do get out the door, but not without my own internal struggles or worries. My friend compared herself to what I'm doing and so she says that I probably don't even care, but running 40 minutes a day and training for a half marathon is awesome!! No matter that she misses a few days here or there, it is just something that she needs to work on, that we all need to work on.

With running, veganism, meditation, yoga, a blog, or a podcast, with all of the things I do to try to become the best person I can be and live the life I want, it is a journey. A constant process that evolves to fulfillment, discomfort, and joy. Of course there are days when I don't want to go on the run, but I do and I keep on keeping on as much as I can.

If you want to see results fall in love with the process and commit to execute. Don't make an excuse, reach in the smallest corner of your mind and pull out a motivation to get out the door. Because, even though there may seem to be a blurred line between commitment and obsession, it's not. I tell my friend and to other friends who talk to me about this and want to reach a goal, that it's perseverance through the hard times and enjoyment in the fun. 

I think what the most important thing that my friend could learn is that when your tired, push harder. When your tired that is a great time to train yourself to endure. But, not just with running. With everything commitment is key. When you're making the decision between the donut or the smoothie, think about what gives more back and what fulfills. Keep your goals in mind. 

And so like I said it becomes a journey and one that we will always be on. I'm not perfect, neither is my friend, neither are you. It's the day in, day out process of dedication, perseverance, enjoyment, and awareness of discomfort. So get out there, push hard, and remember to fall in love with the process, because you have all the control to make the right and wrong decisions.  


Be better.



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