• Slim fit.
  • XS-XL sizes.
  • $39. 
At the top of Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo in my Forerunner.  

At the top of Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo in my Forerunner.  

The Patagonia Forerunner is a quick drying, lightweight shirt made of recycled polyester that even has permanent odor control that works. It doesn't have any tags behind your neck, instead it has the label printed nicely and a moisture wicking edging. With gusseted underarms and an optimal design the shirt allows for a wide range of movements and actions slow and fast. Final features are flat lock seams providing no chafe and sun protection at 15-UPF.

Everyday when I set off down the trail this is the shirt that I have on. The Patagonia Forerunner has always been in my running apparel favorites, because of its versatility. I have worn this shirt on all of my adventures too.

When I was in the Sierras on the John Muir Trail and could not get to a shower I did wash the shirt in the river, but that didn't remove the smell that was brewing in the shirt. Although the odor control does work during the run, I have found that if you don't wash it afterwards it will become very flavorful to say the least. 

My dad and I in our Forerunners.  

My dad and I in our Forerunners.  

People might find that the shirt does not stretch like an everyday cotton shirt might. This might get uncomfortable and annoying at times, I know it did for me when I first started wearing this shirt. But, if you think about it this becomes part of this shirts positive features. By not stretching it stays close to your skin, consequently wicking away moisture and evaporating heat away. Also by not stretching, the shirt keeps its form for years to come. 

Due too it's build of 100% polyester the shirt does not stick to your body. Instead it comfortably rides on you, but not attached to you. 

Obviously the Patagonia Forerunner is not the cheapest shirt coming in at $39 on the Patagonia website, but as with all Patagonia gear you are paying for quality, functionality, and durability. With its moisture wicking, sun protection, and comfortable design properties you can't go wrong with the amazing Patagonia Forerunner.



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