Step out the door; while all snore. 

Enjoy the crickets chirp; because this is gonna hurt. 

The moon shines bright; start your mental fight.  

Stars speckle the dark; through town or national park.  

Headlamp lighting the way; dirt and sweat will spray.  

Life exemplified in every step; morning runs are the best, yep. 

A little poem I made to honor my love of getting up early and getting out for a hard run. To me it's so vital to wake up bright and early, while most sleep, to start my day off right and fulfilled. It allows me time to do what I want and opens up the day to countless possibilities of simplicity and complexity.  

I hope you can take a little from this poem and apply it to your life. Fall in love with the process, with the moon, stars, dark, and everything in between. The silence that allows you to focus on each step and stay present through pain and suffering to better yourself.  

Love what you'll do, but remember to push hard and you'll never be bored. So get up and get going early.  


Go far, go further.  



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