"Follow the yellow brick road!" 

A famous saying, from an infamous movie this saying not only applies to Dorothy's adventures, but to trailrunners also. The Tikka RXP creates a yellow brick road down the trail and brightens the way for any adventure. I know this sounds like a total endorsement and I guess it kind of is, because I really love it.  


-Reactive Lighting (amazing!) 

-215 lumens

-USB rechargeable   

-several lighting modes

-wide, mixed, and focused beam patterns

-secure and absorbent headband

What I Like: 

Over the past few months I have been using this headlamp exclusively for night time runs. When I run in the dark it is in the early morning and this headlamp functions perfectly throughout my run. Some other headlamps I have tried have cut out from the sweat, or cold, or rough handling. But this one is great in any temperature, it is water resistant, and is tough as nails.  

Probably one of the absolute best features of this headlamp is its Reactive Lighting. The lamp's light sensor automatically adjusts brightness, optimizes burn time, and minimizes handling. The sensor works with almost no lag and so there is no worry of moving your head and not having enough light.

This headlamp has a multitude of settings, so much in fact that you can customize burn times and make profiles with the OS by Petzl. With all of these settings and options you really have to sit down and read the instructions. But, for me I tend to just use the Reactive Lighting and it works well enough for day to day, which is what I have used it for so far. 

This headlamp charges via a USB cable and with a 4-5 hour charging time, which may seem long, this charging system works great. I plug it in over night and it is most definitely ready in the morning. If I am going to use the headlamp the next day I always make sure that it is charged, to avoid any problems that might occur. The battery lasts about a year according to Petzl and so will probably need to be replaced. Also this headlamp could be used with the Petzl standard battery pack for longer, more remote adventures. 

At only 115 g (4.057 oz) its comfortably light and with the cross designed strap it sits easily and almost forgettably on my head. 

What Could Be Better... 

This is just an arbitrary opinion really, but the whole gamut of settings could be a little simpler. But like I said if you just leave it on the Reactive it's fine.  

I love my Tikka RXP and I hope you will too, because it's versatile, tough, and distinctive! 

Thanks for reading. 

Go far, go further.



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