Last week was my free week. It was the week after AP testing and my Eagle Project and before this week with finals. So it was a week where all I had to do was focus on running, rest, relaxation, and studying. I tried to keep my mind off of what was to come and simply enjoy the time I had to be free and run hard. 


I started off Monday with making almond butter, recording the podcast, and working out. It was simple day that allowed me time to rest and get ready for the coming running week, which I knew was going to be difficult. My family and I switch off every time there needs to be almond butter made again. It was supposed to be my dads turn, but he was very busy and so I gladly did it for him. It actually doesn't bother me that much I just turn the food processor on, scrape the almonds down from the side every now and then, and do homework or yoga. It's peaceful. 

The podcast went smoothly and I was able to get some homework done too, which was nice. After which I went on a short, short shakeout run with a friend. And then I relaxed during my workout (yoga, meditation, glute exercises). 


On Tuesday I ran 10 miles, a little farther then usually at the beginning of the week, but I felt good. Then after school I had a SAT prep class, which of course I would have much rather not gone to, but I employed that #ultramindset and pushed through because I knew it was needed. It was helping me, no matter how much I felt I'd rather be at home. That day at the class we took a practice SAT which of course was long and laborious, but again it was beneficial so I sucked it up and made sure I got the most out of it.

Promptly after the clas I ate dinner in my moms's car that I had prepared the night before and she drove me to Boy Scouts. Yes I had just that past weekend finished my Eagle Project, but I had some paperwork to do and that I still have to do. But I'll get it done, because the sooner I do well the sooner it will be done!


Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Poles.  

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Poles.  

On Wednesday I had school again (of course) and after school I headed up to the trails to do a 5 mile run with 1,200 feet of gain and then repeats up a hill out there. Which equaled a 9 mile run with 3,300 feet of gain!!! Yeah that's my kinda relaxation. Brutal, but epic and all after school. Then home to a great vegan dinner and much needed rest.


Thursday brought fatigue and soreness, so I just did a quicker 6 mile jaunt around the neighborhood. Which allowed me to just enjoy a comedic podcast, laugh, and have a good run.

Then after school I had a massage which I feel so lucky to be able to get every week. It really helped with my hips and feet which had been sore and tender respectively. I walked to and from the massage which again allows me time to enjoy being by myself to think and listen. Once I got home I was greeted by another great dinner and some more studying which I had been keeping up with all week.


Friday the whole school got out early which means, since I don't have a last period, I got out even earlier at 11:30! So that gave me a lot of time to go on another 6 miler, then eat kale-lentil soup for lunch, and spend the afternoon studying.

I was looking forward to my 3 day weekend and was ready to run hard, which I did. Throughout the afternoon while studying it obviously gets annoying and meticulous, but I decided that it was better to feel discomfort now than on the final test.


Fancy the fog.  

Fancy the fog.  

I woke up relatively early and my dad and I got ready slowly. Soon enough we headed out to the trails. While we ran my mom hiked with some friends of hers. Their group got a little taste of the trails we do everyday and they were completely exhausted by the end. My mom has been out there many times, but her friends had not and it was very tough for them. Meanwhile we did a 12 miler with 3,000 feet of gain. A tough, but fun time talking and taking it well.

Then my family and I headed out to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie which was actually pretty good. It talked a lot about a father and son relationship which really connected with my dad and I.

I bought some rock rings at REI and we had dinner at Pei Wei!




On that day we took it pretty easy only doing our 5 mile loop and then heading to church. At church we said goodbye to a friend who was moving which was sad, but I realized we all have to live the life we want to live and if that is where he will be happy, then that is where he must go.

After church we headed to lunch and errands at Home Depot and Target. At home I studied and we watched a period piece movie about Queen Elizabeth's night out on VE-Day. It was a great movie about friendship and strong connection. I really enjoyed it.

Filled to the brim.  

Filled to the brim.  

After studying some more, we had for dinner our Sunday usual of waffles! Yum yum, breakfast for dinner :)

Last week was a time for relaxation, pushing hard, and learning more. I had a great time with the family and loved the moments I was allowed to enter that pain cave once again!

Hope you to have a great week...


Strive for better.



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