An unusual type of bean that is actually not the easiest to find, but once you do and if prepared just right mung beans can make a perfect pairing to a wholesome meal or a meal in and of itself. They have an earthy flavor that may seem odd to some, but to me is just amazing. It's another great tool to add to your arsenal of easy foods you can make a lot of to have throughout the week for any type of meal. Just like pinto beans, roasted veggies, or sautéed greens, mung beans pair with just about anything. So please enjoy the protein and flavor of the versatile mung bean!

Uses slow cooker.  


2 cups mung beans

1 bay leaf

4 pieces of garlic (whole) 


1.) Place mung beans, bay leaf, garlic, and 8 cups water in slow cooker on low. Check beans until they are soft and almost mushy.  

2.) Add salt to taste. I also put some hot sauce sometimes, adds a little spicy kick if that is something you like.  

And that's it! A simple recipe that can cook throughout the day and be ready when you get home for you to eat a nutritious and healthy meal. With this, and so much more, there is no excuse for saying making healthy food is to hard.  

Thank you.  

Be better.



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