When I began to get into running my token choice for fueling on the run was water and gels. My dad employed the same strategy. But when I began to advance in my running ability, my dad and I discovered powdered calories, such as Tailwind. We were dubious at first, but soon fell in love with its easy absorption, long-burning fuel, and all around benefits. It packs away small and allows for easy transport and storage. It has become a staple of our running fuel cupboard and is always an easy go to, which I think it will become with you to.

What is it?

Tailwind was created by a guy named Jeff after having stomach issues at endurance events, such as the Leadville 100. If you're an ultrarunner you've most likely faced gut bombs, either at a race or in training. It's not pleasant. Messing with your head and your time, stomach problems don't bring any benefits. Which is why Tailwind's glucose/sucrose is synergistic, as the website says, to your body. Along with the included electrolytes, Tailwind creates a massively powerful, yet easy to digest endurance fuel. It also mixes clear and has a sweet, yet airy flavor. Like you're drinking, and subsequently running, on clouds.

Who is it for? 

To me Tailwind is for anybody and everybody who needs sustained energy. Either at work, at a race, in training, or at home it can be used anywhere. At home or at work it doesn't substitute a healthy, wholesome meal, however. Only adds to the fire of that solid fuel. But, at a race or in training it can be "all you need, all day" as the company promotes.


I love Tailwind for a few key reasons. I'll make them easy to see...

  • It's long-lasting fuel. Because, it absorbs so well into the body, but can be drank so easily it provides sustained energy throughout the whole event. And I love that, it's hard to due that with gels. Gels are quick boosts of energy and I even use them sometimes still, for a pick me up when I'm really struggling. But, I'm probably only struggling because I didn't drink enough Tailwind. If I had, I would of been A-OK. 
  •  Portability. A very small scoop equals 100 calories! Meaning I could pack away 400 or 500 calories in a little plastic bag, easy.  
  •  Electrolytes.  It has electrolytes! I can't even believe it. Largely eliminating salt caps is the fact that Tailwind has the electrolytes I need during any type of effort, from easy to hard. Tailwind is always there with the electrolytes to replenish me.
  • Taste. Tailwind has a sweet taste that really gives my mouth and body a change during the run.


    For me Tailwind only has a few drawbacks.

    • Sucrose.  The fact that Tailwind has sucrose, for me, is a benefit and a drawback. Other calorie drink mixes don't which is sometimes better. With its sucrose Tailwind sometimes gives me a little to much of a boost then not so much a crash, but a low. But, I know that if Tailwind had complex carbohydrates like other mixes gut bombs would be much more common. But, those other mixes don't have electrolytes mixed in. So it's whatever the situation calls for I'll use.
    • Electrolytes. I love that it has these, but the only reason that electrolytes is also in the Cons category is because I almost wish it had more. Sometimes on a really hot or tough day I'll have to supplement with some salt caps. But, I know that this is a situational thing and I think the solution is to just know your body or Tailwind could add more electrolytes. :)


    All in all Tailwind is an extremely efficient, effective, and portable drink calorie mix that has fueled me on many an adventure and will on many more. With only a few cons I highly recommend it, but also recommend that you get to know how to listen to your body and know when you need something else. If this incredible product sounds interesting to your needs (and if you're an endurance athlete it should) you can check it out here. 



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