This is the counterpart to my Tailwind review and it's the other fuel that I use constantly. It is actually the first hydration mix that my dad and I found and fell in love with. We mainly used Carbo Pro on our run of the Wildwood Trail in Portland, our run down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon, and our run of Mt. Wilson in SoCal. These are just some of the many adventures and of course local runs that we have employed Carbo Pro on. My journey of fueling techniques went like this: when I first began to run I used gels (like Hammer gels), then we found Carbo Pro and fell in love, then like I talked about last week we found Tailwind, and now we use both Carbo Pro and Tailwind.

It's not a fuel that is overtly expensive or not useful. It is in fact the opposite. At only $25 you get a 2 lbs tub of Carbo Pro, which is enough for the 200 calorie recommended serving. That statement may sound like an advertisement and it isn't, directly, I love Carbo Pro for what it is, not because they are paying me or anything of that sort. 

What is it? 

Carbo Pro is a pure complex carb fuel that "provides safe, clean, efficient calories for any exercise activity." It is manufactured from corn sourced form Europe and is Non-GMO and NSF certified. Meaning it is GMO free and has a good bill of purity. It's high molecular weight and low osmolality helps with quick absorption. And carbohydrates by nature provide 4 calories per gram while fat may provide 9 calories per gram, it is easier for the body to break down ATP (the primary fuel for exercise) and carbs yield better to ATP and therefor better to more efficient energy. In addition fat takes longer to break down. 

Who is it for? 

Carbo Pro, as advertised, is for everyone! As a long distance runner I obviously use it for that activity, but I do know that swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, and many more varied types of athletes use this fuel to better perform their activity of choice.  

Why would you use it? 

I would recommend Carbo Pro to anyone who is putting in committed work in their respective sport. If you need a fuel that works and that is long lasting then Carbo Pro is a great choice. It will give you the sustainably effective energy that will carry you through that day's training activity or race.

How do you use it? 

It's extremely easy to use. Just 2 scoops using the provided 60 cc scoop will yield a 200 calorie powerhouse of fuel that you simply mix into water. It is a white powder that mixes colorless and has a plain flavor that tastes like you're drinking from the crossroads of sweet and simple.

On Carbo Pro's website they go deep into the math of how much you should be taking and when. But, personally I keep it pretty simple. I eat a solid meal before the run (usually breakfast), then on the run take in 100-200 calories for the first few hours and then bump it up to 300 if I'm going long and maybe even 350 or 400 if it's a race or long form adventure, then after the run have a snack (like one of these great Pure Bars, I love the coconut) and a little later on another solid meal.


  • Easy flavor, its flavor is not to overwhelming or gross and it goes right drown. 
  • Packs pretty small, it doesn't pack as small as Tailwind, but it does go down to a nice size if measured into a little plastic bag.
  • Long-lasting energy,  this is probably the biggest one. The long lasting energy that this fuel gives me is second to none, longer than Tailwind, but like I said last week each of these fuels is for a certain situation.
  • Price, at only $25 it's a great deal and coupled with the fact that it gives so much product, it makes it all the better.


  • Stomach bombs, this is probably the biggest con of this fuel. The fact that it messes with my stomach a lot is a big problem. It doesn't cause problems every time, but it is quite annoying. If you can get to know your body and fuel when necessary it can be avoided I think. 
  • Clumping, when mixed with water it usually clumps up a bit. But, honestly the jostling of the run itself breaks it all down and it'll be ready by your first drink usually. 


In conclusion, Carbo Pro is my other all time favorite fuel. Something that gives such an efficient and long lasting source of energy, a great flavor, and easy packing can't be beat. And with only two cons that can be worked around I think Carbo Pro should be one of the top fuels of choice for anyone out there pushing hard!

Get it here. 



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