The UltraSpire Spry 2.0 Race Vest has been my go to vest over the past few months. It is a huge step up from the first Spry version and now comes with so many great features I will probably stick with this vest and this company for a long time to come. I'm looking forward to many more adventures in this vest and with only a few cons that I have to address I think the vest overall is amazing! Please enjoy the video and sorry for last week's video's length, I'm still learning. Watch to find out exactly what I love and don't love! 


-One of the best things about this pack is the yoke design. It takes the weight off your shoulders, keeps the pack compact to your upper chest and back so as not to annoy you elbows or ribs, centers the weight on the center of your back, and moves the adjustability control all to the front and sides (meaning if you adjust the front/side straps the back materials will follow)

-No chafing 

-The bottles are amazing flasks that are durable but still squish-able and I personally use them all the time

-Whole pack allows for a lot of storage options and is very lightweight 

-Straps can easily be adjusted to your body and then be adjusted on the run as needed, which makes it all the more easy


-Trash pockets are a little to small for trash, don't seem to useful. Could be increased in size with extra material from bottle pocket to allow for even more gel/powder storage

-Zippered pocket seems useless. Wish it was a pocket like on the UltraSpire Revolt pack where it's a stretchy mesh pocket with cinch strap to allow for greater and easier storage 

-Little pocket within right bottle pocket seems like a waste of time

-Cinch straps around bottles are on the wrong side to me, should be facing inside. Towards you. For easy reaching and removal of the bottles. 

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