In the Sierras, filtering water. Wearing the jacket.  

In the Sierras, filtering water. Wearing the jacket.  

On my dad's birthday trip to Portland in March of 2015 we were in the local Patagonia store and looking around. While there we were getting some gear for the upcoming July JMT trip, for example I tried on the amazing Houdini pants to feel the fit and see if I'd be able to last a long time in them if necessary. And let me say they were great, I'll probably do a review of them soon.

Anyways while we were looking around I, for some reason, noticed a jacket hanging on a rack near the front of the store. I think I noticed it, because it simply looked different. But, once I walked over to it I knew it was most definitely very unique. My first time picking up the All-Weather Zip Neck Hoody I immediately noticed a few key characteristics that I would soon realize makes this jacket absolutely incredible.  

These characteristics are: 

  • the back of the jacket is vented
  • it's thin, but looked warm 
  • thumb hole
  • over the finger stretch cover

Once I tried it on I realized it had a tight, but comfortable fit that, I knew, would allow me to wear it easily all day. Also I pulled up the hood and saw yet another great characteristic. The hood is tight and stretchy much like a Buff and the zipper reaches up to your nose/upper lip. Meaning fully zipped the hood will not only cover your head, but also your mouth and maybe even your nose. And finally the zipper reaches down to your lower chest, making it very easy to put on and remove the jacket and even undo the zipper to cool off. 

We immediately bought a jacket each and fell in love. I personally live by the V-3F rule to determine if something is an amazing piece of gear. V-3F means Versatility, Functionality, Fit, Feel. If the gear gets a yes in all four categories then it's amazing. A piece of gear might be good if it doesn't get a yes in all four, but it has to get a yes in all four to be amazing!

And let me say this jacket most definitely gets a yes in all four. 


  • Versatility: Yes, I have used this jacket, and it has kept me warm, everywhere from the Southwestern US to the Sierra Nevada. 
  • Functionality: Yes, it packs very small and with its overall stretchy feel it can be used anywhere. 
  • Fit: Yes,  it has a relatively tight fit that keeps the warmth in and the cold out.
  • Feel: Yes, it has a relatively smooth feel and I love the tight fit.

And so therefore the All-Weather Zip Neck Hoody is AMAZING! 

The only con that I would have with this jacket is this minuscule topic:

1.) The tight fit might annoy some people who like a more loose fitting jackets. If that is the case then maybe this jacket isn't for you, however the tight fit is what contributes greatly to this jacket's warmth factor.  

Bombing the trail in perfection.  

Bombing the trail in perfection.  

So overall I'd probably have to say that this jacket is perfect. A perfect solution for any type of adventure, that will keep you warm on the mountaintop and comfortable in the coffeeshop. So please enjoy this amazing jacket that I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a solution to their mid-layer and all around layer warmth needs. 

And for all those reasons and more I really hope Patagonia continues to make this jacket!!!



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