I absolutely love Luna's as you know and these sandals embody what Luna is, they're one of their first models and the design works, mostly. These were the first sandals I ran in and now use them as transition footwear almost. I use them to run when I'm going to be on the road and trail in one run. Nevertheless, watch the video for an in depth look at what I love and don't! Enjoy ;)

-Just as the Osos, these sandals with the MGT footbed and Performance Laces lock your foot in
-Aggressive tread, providing ample traction on many trails
-Keeps foot safe
-Transition footwear

-Vibram rubber sole is soft, tread wears out faster than others
-Due to its malleability and soft nature the sandal doesn't handle as well around rocks as the Osos
-Laces wear out too, solution is simply upkeep and maintenance 


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