So this past weekend I finished my first 50k since my very first 50k last October in 2015. It has been a long time I know and there is no definitive reason for my absence. In that time I started the podcast, was busy with school, and did many more adventures with my dad. The race was incredible, but I'm not going to go into great detail here seeing as how this week's podcast episode is an in depth discussion of the race. So if you want to hear how I pulled the race off, how it was (hint: awesome!), and how it was an almost perfect execution in my opinion, go listen into that episode. 

But anyways. The word potential is one we hear a lot. Right? Right. It's a word that teachers, bosses, parents, and friends tell us. They talk about our 'potential.' It's used as a motivational word or as a word to convince us to get back to work and recommit.  

Maybe you were the good student or the bad, it doesn't matter. Maybe you're the employee who enjoys messing around more than getting to work and your boss brings you into his office to give you a lecture about your 'potential.' Maybe it annoys you, maybe it motivates you. Either way this buzzword is one that is thrown around a lot. It is one that has power to aid or dissuade you.  

Potential by definition is: Having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

But this is converse to a positive mindset if you dig into it. Simply put the conventional idea of potential means that you outsource and push forward any commitments to success and your true life into the future. You sit back and are changed subconsciously by the use of this word to believe that potential means that your life will happen in the future. 

But your life is in the now! It only ever exists in the now and should only ever exist right now. Meaning that potential isn't the future, instead potential is the now. Potential means that your success and your honest life is, can, and will be visualized right now and it should. Your duty to yourself is to find your potential right now and not wait or trust in the fact that potential means future happiness, instead use the present potential to make what you truly desire happen in this moment. 

Seeing as school has started I can look around and see visualizations of conventional 'potential' and very few examples of a more honest definition of potential. Kids are focusing on college, on testing, on school and even others are not even for using on any of those. They're focusing on the future and working only for that. Of course planning for and working towards your goals are important, but if that is all consuming and obsessive then that is not good.  

Their potential is not offset into a future time, it exists now. If they can, if we all can refocus on our own potential as of right now then we can make a change. So go out this week and make your potential not a future prospect, but commit to working hard on your honest life by realizing the potential in this moment. 

Thank you.



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