Going off of last week's post entitled "Don't Forget Breakfast" I think it's a good idea to go through the other meals of the day and their importance too. Recently my family and I went to an art fair out in LA called Unique LA, we go almost every year and I was really looking forward to it. Sadly since it was the Summer/Fall edition of the fair it was quite small, one of the guys there told us that the Winter edition should be much bigger and since we usually go in Winter the Summer/Fall Edition's size came as a surprise. Anyways what I mean by this story is that before we left for the fair we knew that we would be eating out for dinner and so made it a priority to have lunch at home. Instead of eating out twice in one day, which we try to avoid at all costs, we stayed home for lunch and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Now I know I always say that eating out can be good and we make sure to make it so, but you're still eating out and to me nothing beats a good, solid homemade meal. 

Just like breakfast, I love lunch but it holds a slightly different place in my heart than breakfast. Instead of a calm and peaceful time that I make breakfast to be, lunch can and usually is a little more hectic. Either I'm eating at school or at home, either way I'm about to go and do something else. Now of course many days I get to have a prolonged lunch and enjoy it thoroughly, but quite honestly lunch is usually much more rushed than breakfast. To overcome that I employ the same principles of presence that I do for breakfast, but for lunch those principles are simply applied in a more condensed time period.  

For me lunch is usually leftovers from the night before's dinner. We as a family always try to find tasty, creative, and unique recipes to have and as such lunch is always exciting for me. My absolute favorite lunch meal is a Kale Lentil Curry soup that my dad and I will have with a side of tortillas, veggies, and usually a kombucha to drink.  This meal is a perfect fuel after a hard run and the best start to the rest of my day. But, lunch isn't just that for me. It can be anything from soups, to burritos, to bowls, to noodles, and oh so many other types of dishes. Of course it's a family effort at dinner time to make a wonderful meal that carries over to the next day's lunch. And this effort at mealtimes should carry over into all meals and all of our lives. Lunch is the meal that splits the day. It gives you power to attack the rest of your day and allows you to mentally and physically refocus on what has transpired, what's ahead, and what you are doing exactly in the moment that day. 

Like I've said so many times before on the podcast and here on the blog, health in relation to food is ALL ABOUT CREATIVITY. We go through our lives eating and seeing largely bland and boring food that while it may taste slightly good in the moment does not give you anything back in the long run. Just like anything else we need to change it up and get our mind to open up to the infinite possibilities that are out there to try. Maybe you'll like that one meal, maybe not, but the important thing is that you tried it at least. Now you have an even better comprehension of what you like and what you don't. Which will help you make another, more informed decision in the future.  

Lunch is especially important when it comes to creativity. You need to find and make meals that you can look forward to and that when you sit down to eat will motivate you yet again. Let's say you have a monotonous job that you dislike, while a new path in life should be your focus that's an entirely different discussion, but for this one let's say your working toward that new path, but must still suffer though a little longer at this job. Throughout the morning you should of course be present, but also looking forward to that lunch you have packed away that will give you a boost both mentally and physically and will allow you a time to relax and recoup what you need. 

My mom is a Kindergarten teacher and she takes her beautiful and healthy lunch in a glass jar, because plastic leaches chemicals into the food, to her school and all of her coworkers are always amazed and curious as to what she is eating. Asking questions about that particular day's meal while they tear open their microwaved meals to heat up or are on the phone with the local restaurant. To them it's always a mystery and there are always excuses of why they couldn't do that. They're too busy or it's not tasty. But, my mom has the exact same job as them and still somehow magically, or at least it seems that way to them, finds time to make nutritious meals that will not only fuel herself, but better fuel her ability to be an effective and incredible teacher. Because, isn't that the whole point? To do your best. Well there are many, many facets to that goal and proper nutrition is one of them. 

But how do you reach that proper nutrition I'm talking about? Well first off you won't. Ever. I won't. You won't. Proper nutrition is like trying to catch molecules. They're all around us and if you look close enough you can find them, but to catch every single one is impossible. The same is with proper nutrition. It's all around us and if you try hard enough you can better yourself through it, but to reach a point where you have perfect nutrition. Where your health is perfect. Is impossible. There is no such thing as perfect and I think that's a good thing. Flaws are inherent in everything, no matter how shiny they seem, our job is to find those flaws and buff them out as best we can. So go about your life trying to buff out your flaws, your weakness.  

With food weakness is easy to come by and easy to see. The number on a scale is a tangible representation of our weakness. Now of course we would like to change that, but it doesn't take work at the gym or at the pool or on the bike or anywhere else. The work starts on your plate and ends in your mind. It's a constant game of mental chess that we're playing with ourselves to overcome our desires to eat this or that. Then once we conquer that particular desire, it's time to move onto the next, and the next, and the next. Like I've said before, it's a journey. A trail. One that we are always on. Now sometimes we'll make wrong turns, get off the trail. But the minute you realize you have wandered off trail you simply become aware of your misjudgment and realign your commitments to that singular trail of success. Some of us have never even been on the right trail, now if that's you and you're here reading this then you're well on your way to finding that trail for the first time. That is what I'm trying to accomplish with what I do. And if you know people who aren't reading this, then that is our mission. To lead by example and guide our friends to find their honest trail again or for the first time.  

Now other blogs go over the specific nutritious benefits of certain foods and why you should eat them. Maybe they even provide meal plans or something of the sort. While that is all well and good more or less, I'm here more to talk about the mental side of things. Like I said it's a personal journey and therefore your unique creativity, commitment, and ideas should manifest themselves into the food you consume. If you commit to the idea that food is medicine and accept the fact that it can and will change you for the better, if you persevere then you WILL change. It just takes that first step as with everything else.  

So focus on your breakfast to start the day off and then look forward to a creative and healthy lunch to power you for the rest of your day. Of course if you want some ideas for recipes then check out my YouTube channel where I post recipes every Wednesday.  

So get out into your own life, instead of simply floating by, grab onto your own health and what's important. Treat yourself like it's somebody you love, because it is. Health is there for you to grasp, so just plan ahead and do your own research.  

Thank you and eat well always!



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