Before my father and I did the John Muir Trail last year we were looking around for some functional and durable shoes that would carry us through. In our research we found these and fell in love. I have used these many, many times since then and they have carried me through a lot. They kept me relatively safe on ice, gripped on slabs, and had tread to overcome a lot. Even so they do have a few cons. Watch the vid to see an in depth discussion of what I love and don't.

-Rock plat provides protection and durability
-Tread rubber is tough and grips
-Fully gussetted tongue and dual layer abrasion resistant mesh keeps rocks out and allows for breathing
-Not to much cushioning around foot
-Front rock guard protects
-Midsole cushioning protects and supports

-On outer edges, where your foot bends, the mesh separates from the midsole
-Can get a little hot
-Slimmer feet might move around inside more
Tip: Clean and care for your shoes!

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