The fourth and final installment of this meal series I'm doing. This post is about the last meal of the day, the topper on a cake that's amazing all the way around. And as such we are all familiar with dinner, of course we are right? But are we familiar with it in the right way? Or do we just rush by it and ignore it like everything else? I say we tend to just rush by it. 

But, why? Why do we rush by such an important meal that should culminate our day happily? Well I am going to say that we tend to rush by it, because we don't see it as important. That its just another time to eat something "tasty" or "good" or whatever and get on with our stressful lives. But, that is just another mindset contributing to the problem of that stress. It's not that you must rush by dinner to get things done in your busy life to alleviate stress. Instead it's the opposite. You must learn to love and presently appreciate dinner time so as to alleviate stress.  

While many families that I know eat dinner seperately and very rarely sit down together, my family treats it as a special time. Two of us will usually cook the meal and prepare it, then we will all sit down and enjoy it. Truly enjoy it and savor the time that we're spending together, chatting about our days and life, and then the other two will clean up. A simple system that doesn't need to be overthought or stressed about and made all the more easy, because we tend to plan out what we will have for each day of the week and then shop for the ingredients accordingly.   

So dinner time for me is not just a family time, but a time to recuperate after the day and refuel to best enjoy my evening. It should also be a time that you can look forward to. A time that will be a break from the rest of your day.  

For me, I love to get home and get my homework and other things done, then help with dinner. It's not only rewarding, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, but also a time to relax. A time to truly enjoy yourself. And the added bonuses of course is that once you made the meal you can sit down and eat it, then be honestly fueled by it.  

How can you get in the process of improving your dinners? 

Well of course the first thing that I'm going to say is that you should start by watching the recipe videos that I put out every Wednesday on my YouTube channel.  

But, beyond that I always say to start simply. To not overthink it. The easiest way to improve your dinners is to do research and be open to what you find. Look around on social media (Pinterest is great believe it or not), on recipe blogs, and just the web in general. And when you do find a recipe that intrigues you ask yourself these questions. 

  • Is the recipe something I could look forward to?
  • How healthy is it? And I mean true health, not conventional health. Does it have cheese, meat, milk, or other such animal products? Could you forsake those products for this meal of health? (The answer is yes you can!)
  • How hard is it to make? Will you have time? Can you make time? (Yes you can, there's always time) 

The final step is this...Just make it! Even if your wary, just try it. Live a little and be open to new things, because without experimentation you won't ever change. Ever.

But, that is just the first step to improving your dinners. The next step is to acknowledge what you like and eliminate what is not good for you. A simple step, but very hard nonetheless. It's hard to acknowledge within yourself that what you might be doing or eating is poisoning you, but there are things that are poisons. And in the beginning of this process it might seem like everything is bad in your eating, but as you eliminate staples of your eating lifestyle you'll not only notice your energy and health increasing but also the quality of your meals. 


Why should you even do all this?  

Well that answers a simple one. It's this...What truly fulfills you?  

If you can answer that well then you don't need anything from this website or the podcast, but that's the thing. I don't think any of us can ever really answer that question. There's always something more to learn. And as such it's a tough trail in that education, but in our way along finding ourselves we realize that taking care of our body is vital. 

In our society the thing that carries us along in life, our body, seems to be at its maximum operating efficiency when 200 pounds overweight, with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. On the doorstep of death, waiting for the reaper to answer our knock.  

And that's why. To take care of ourselves. If not just for our sake, then for the sake of the ones we love. 


So get out there guys and improve your dinner! Treat it as a ritual, as a time to decompress. Find recipes that you can love and change your life by eating plants. They will, if you let them. 

Thank you.  



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