Out of all the meals of the day, which I love, breakfast holds a special place in my heart. It is a time where I can relax and prepare for the day in quiet. The silence and solitude of a good ritual breakfast is beautiful to me. Because of this love affair with breakfast I honor it. Throughout the years I've had many different variations of what I eat for breakfast. So let's go through what may breakfast has looked like over time.  

Before I was vegan breakfast was not a ritual to me. It wasn't special. It was quick and easy. So cereal, eggs, or toast. Unhealthy and a lethargic way to start off the day. Once I went vegan however I upgraded, you could say. To eating a large piece of sourdough toast with homemade almond butter, jam on top, and a side of fruit with almond milk to drink. A hearty breakfast to start the day. But I wasn't exercising. So when I began to run I realized the fallacy of such a large breakfast. So I changed my routine to eat instead of the sourdough two pieces of Udi's gluten free bread instead. I soon gave up the sugary jam also. Instead having the almond butter and banana on top.

Then again I changed and decided to eat only one piece of Udi's bread. I soon gave up the almond milk to and switched to water. Then the biggest change came. I gave up bread in the morning altogether also and had the almond butter on a banana with a side of fruit and water to drink instead. 

That final iteration is mainly what I've stuck with. It works for me. It fuels me for the run and for the day. Of course it's not always that. Sometimes I will have tea or coffee to drink or maybe I'll have oatmeal to eat instead. But whatever it is it follows a simple philosophy...Keep it Simple Stupid. I dislike having a huge breakfast in the morning because that not only, I feel, disrupts the peacefulness your body should feel after a night's rest, but it also slows you down. I believe in a light, but extremely nutritious breakfast to kickstart the engine that is your body for the day.  

Our lives and society are filled with big meals. You can turn on the TV and easily see advertisements for IHOP or other breakfast joints where the clientele is eating 10,000 pancakes and bacon and eggs and coffee and orange juice. It's ridiculous. And if we're being honest, as an athlete I'm really the one who should be deserving of those big meals, but because I put so much focus and care into my body I conversely find myself not caring for those lethargic, giant meals. 

But, there's another side to the coin. If our society's not eating big breakfasts, then they're not eating breakfast. So many people complain that they're too busy to eat well, too stressed to plan ahead. So many people run out the door and only grab a Pop Tart or nothing at all and then eat junk at work. Health starts at the beginning of each day. So why shouldn't breakfast be the cornerstone of your daylong focus on wellness? 

Eating well really isn't that hard, it just takes planning. Now I don't have to plan out every breakfast I have because I'm okay with repitition. I know what I love and can have it every morning. Now not everyone is like that and if so then all you have to do is plan ahead. Think and find recipes or ideas for healthy breakfasts and then make those the day before or set everything up for the morning. Either way, if you're like me and know what you like or if you like to change it up, breakfast is vital. It's something we seem to think we can go without, when in fact we cannot. 

Only able to pull off this brutal run last Sunday because of a great breakfast!

Only able to pull off this brutal run last Sunday because of a great breakfast!

It doesn't have to be boring either. Do your research and find some recipes that you can find a love for and that can inspire you. Then create a ritual around the meal. Find or make a quiet, beautiful place to sit and eat. For me it's usually outside on my patio, but not everyone can or will do that. So just find a place in your abode that you can go to to be at peace. Then open your mind to what's around you; read a good book, listen to a good podcast,  listen to music, or simply sit in peace. Savor the tasty, nutritious food (or it should be that :) and be happy in the present moment. 

Of course we're not perfect. I get caught up with things going on and sometimes am not present at breakfast. But out of all the day breakfast is a perfect time to reflect, think, and be present at peace. It's a beautiful time and if you wake up early like I always recommend then the sunrise or just the crisp early morning adds all the more to the peaceful beauty.  

So go into this week thinking of this post. Remember the place breakfast should hold in your heart and treat it as so. Treat it as a special, sacred time. Be at peace within it, focus on it, and find good food to go along with it. It's all about the mindset, everything else comes after. Remember breakfast! 

Thank you as always.



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